About us




Hugo Baldai non-standard furniture manufacturing company with more than thirteen years of practical experience in consulting, design, manufacturing and installation. In less than a decade, we have been able to earn customers confidence, trust and recommendations.


Our main goal is to satisfy most selective customers wishes and produce the best quality furniture that would matches clients idea. We offering not only manufacturing services, we also qualified to consult on design and designing questions, help to choose best colors, materials and pick furniture accessories that best suits for you.


Your wishes and ideas are important to us. So, we invite you to register for free consultations on all issues related to furniture production. We work with our clients in Lithuania and abroad, we organize meetings at the client's home and communicate remotely.


What non-standard furniture we offer?


HUGO BALDAI manufactures a custom non-standard furniture according to your needs. Kitchen, living room, children and youth room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, commercial, office furniture and sliding systems, shelves, cabinets,

desks and chests of drawers - all will be made according to your specific order, from selected materials and with a high quality requirements. The non-standard furniture we offer is the perfect furniture for you.


The manufacturing of non-standard furniture is our job to fulfill your wishes.