Our aim is to make our client fully aware of our services, the materials used and all organizational issues. Find the most common questions and answers to them here.

Is it possible to order furniture fittings, interior decoration materials separately? For example, BLUM flexible, METAX furniture knobs, HPL wall or GETALIT countertops?
How much time do you need to design and calculate the price?
How much does a "rail meter" in kitchen furniture cost?
How much does furniture design cost?
Are there any discounts?
Is it possible to buy a installment?
What amount of advance payment is required for ordering furniture?
Do you provide furniture repair, adjustment, restoration services?
Do you provide a warranty?
What is the term for furniture production?
How much does delivery cost?
Do you deliver furniture throughout Lithuania?
Do you provide home appliance and plumbing installation and connection services?
Cookies what is it?